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VMware Cloud adds Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

by Brian

VMware Cloud has added Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to their services. This is great news for our VMware Cloud on AWS customers! This will now allow all VMware Cloud customers the ability to strengthen their accounts, something that has been asked for and now delivered.


Setup is very simple. First, sign into your VMware Cloud Services account. In this instance, I logged into VMware Cloud on AWS.

After logging in, expand the profile window and go to ‘My Account’

Navigate to the security tab and click ‘Activate MFA Device’

At this point, pull out your phone, open your authenticator app, and scan the QR code. Don’t worry, this QR code won’t work for you :).

To complete the setup, enter your current Cloud Services account password and then two passcodes in a row from the authenticator. This process will take up to 30 seconds to receive and enter the second passcode as authenticator only refreshes every 30 seconds. Once you’ve completed all three fields, click ‘ACTIVATE’

At this point, you should see that MFA has been enabled. Sign out of your account and give it a try!

When signing back in, you’ll notice that the account login looks the same. However, after entering your password, Cloud Services will ask for your MFA password.

Enter your MFA Passcode and you are in!

Hope you enjoy this exciting news with the rest of us!

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