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Rename Your SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS

by Brian

It’s pretty cool to be able to spin up an entire SDDC in a few clicks of a mouse and have it integrate with AWS services. I mean, really, I don’t think a VI Admin has ever had it so nice. Instead of spending weeks installing and configuring a Software-Defined Data Center, you now walk through about 4 prompts, click ‘Deploy’, and go grab yourself some lunch… About an hour and a half later, you have an SDDC ready to use.

However, one frustation I’ve had with this service for the last year has been the inability to rename my SDDC. Let’s say I deploy a 1-node SDDC and name it ‘1-Node-SDDC’ when deploying. A month later, I expande my 1-node SDDC up to a 3-node… ruh roh! Do I backup all my workloads here and re-deploy my SDDC JUST SO I CAN CHANGE THE NAME??! The answer I can happily give now is ‘No!’. VMware just pushed an update that allows users to quickly and easily change the name of their SDDC, post-deployment. There are no ramifications to doing so either.

After your SDDC is deployed, click on the ‘ACTIONS‘ button and select ‘Rename SDDC

A popup will appear allowing you to type in a new name for your SDDC. Once you’ve typed in a new-name, click ‘RENAME

You will see that the SDDC name is instantly updated and the task is confirmed in the top-right of the VMC console. Only the SDDC name is changed in this action and the underlying SDDC ID continues to stay the same. Since the APIs use the SDDC ID rather than the SDDC name, everything will persist as usual after the rename.

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