by Brian

Wow! Where do I even start?! After 6 years and 3 days at VMware, I’ve decided to take a leap and try something new. My last day at VMware will be Sept 6th. Normally, I wouldn’t post about it this early, however, with VMworld starting in just 2 more days I wanted the ability to see as many friends, colleagues, and customers as possible before I transition away.


A few thoughts:

VMware as a company

Wow! Could I have asked for a better company to spend over half a decade with? I do not believe so. VMware is such an amazing company. From its leadership and EPICC values to its employees and the culture. VMware is firing on all cylinders and, in my opinion, better aligned with what customers need more so now than in any of the last 6 years I’ve been here. It will be exciting to watch their progress.


VMware as a family

VMware very quickly became more than just a ‘job’ or ‘company’ to me. I had a great manager who hired me, a great mentor that got me going (Alan Renouf) and a great team to support me. Over the years I’ve been able to work with some amazing folks here. Honestly, such few ‘bad apples’ it surprised me. People look out for each other, people help each other. We were truly a team.


From conferences like VMworld, VMUG Usercons, and PEX to Interop, AWS Summits, and re:Invent. I’ve been able to get to know many many wonderful individuals in the industry. I’ve made lasting relationships with so many of you and I am sincerely grateful for those interactions. The #vCommunity is amazing and it’s something I will miss. In the last 6 years, I’ve done well over 50 conferences across 5 continents and enjoyed both the similarities and differences of each place with what I’m used to. (Thank you Sydney and Melbourne VMUG leaders for the gifts and the Vegemite 😀 ).

I’ve made what I believe are life-long friendships with many of you and enjoyed all the laughs, dinners, and hangouts


Kind of blends into the above categories, but so many neat experiences from my time here. Attending RADIO (VMware’s internal ‘R & D Innovation Offsite’) is probably one of the top experiences. Getting to spend 3-4 days with VMware’s best and brightest and learning about all of the cool new things that are being cooked up is so energizing, it’s refreshing, networking with individuals who’ve come in from all over the world. Finally putting faces to the names of people you’ve been emailing with or meeting with virtually for years. It’s a great experience

Being able to work with some of our largest customers has been thrilling. Working with customers across the entire spectrum of IT Maturity and helping them solve their challenges and problems has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this role. Working with a customer on a self-healing data center was the coolest one so far 🙂


VMware and MY family

I’ve never seen any company be as caring and have such an emphasis on work/life balance. I think a lot of that is thanks to Pat Gelsinger and his leadership team. Granted, there are days/weeks/ and even months where long long hours are put in to get ready for a conference, or a release. But at the end of it all, there is a lot of emphasis put on making sure YOU are well, that your family is well, and that you are in a position to give your best during your work hours knowing that things at home are going ok (hopefully). One of the neatest experiences I had was about 3 years into working at VMware, I got the go-ahead to bring my family out with me on one of my trips. I flew the family out and we stayed in a small airbnb that week. They played at a park across the street from the bnb while I worked and then I took them around in the evenings to see ‘where daddy worked’. It was great for me to be able to introduce my wife to my coworkers and show my kids where I would go when ‘daddy goes on an airplane’. My kids got to meet Yanbing Li in the cafeteria while they were picking out flavors of ice cream. They played pinball and foosball with me in the break room, and they enjoyed eating M&Ms from the kitchen while watching the VMware Turtles.

I have another post I need to finish about bringing my daughter to a VMUG Usercon. More on that in the future, but very positive.

So, where does that put me?

I guess you all will find out in a few weeks. We’ve got a fantastic VMworld coming up in a few short days that I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Thank you all again for your friendship, the laughs and memories, and your support. Hope to see you soon and if not, I’ll see you on the Twittersphere!

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