With vSphere 6.5, we added a number of ‘Additional Options’ to DRS. These additional options uplevel some of the “Advanced Options” (which we don’t talk about much) that we’ve found are valuable to our customers. The Three that we added this release were:

  • VM Distribution
  • Memory Metric for Load Balancing
  • CPU Over-Commitment

You can read more about the purposes HERE.

A few days ago I received a tweet:

This was related to the additional options. I decided at that time that since I hadn’t blogged about how to set advanced options, I figured I probably should!

To set these additional options, We’ll use the following properties:

  • LimitVMsPerESXHostPercent
  • PercentIdleMBInMemDemand
  • MaxVcpusPerClusterPct


We can set these advanced options with the following code:

After running the commands above, you can refresh your browser and notice that the cluster settings have updated.

**Note: If you want the checkboxes to be checked for VM Distribution and/or Memory Metric for Load Balancing, you will have to use the exact values I placed in the script.

For CPU-Overcommitment the options are between 0-500 (where 500 = 5:1 ratio)


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Brian Graf is a Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for VMware Cloud on AWS at VMware. He has also worked on ESXi Lifecycle, PowerCLI Automation and been the Product Manager for vSphere DRS and HA. Brian is co-author of the PowerCLI Deep Dive 2nd edition book and a Microsoft MVP.

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